Cool Negus is a company geared towards self actualization and connecting our African Diasporic communities.


What is self-actualization? 

  • Abraham Maslow was the first to define the self-actualization needs that are crucial for personal growth.

  • During Maslow’s time, psychology was largely focused on the diagnosis of mental illnesses. But instead of researching mental health afflictions, Maslow was more interested in understanding human potential and peak experiences.

  • As a company we feel attaining full actualization needs to be the number one driver towards a better life for ourselves and our communities. Striving to reach our full potential enhances the way we eat, the way we see ourselves and build our communities. 

What is African Diaspora 

  • One of the most important legacies of the transatlantic slave trade and also of colonial rule in Africa and the Caribbean has been the creation of the modern African diaspora – the dispersal of millions of people of African origin all over the world but especially in Europe and the Americas.

  • Pan-Africanism The legacy of the transatlantic slavery, especially racism and colonialism, has meant that those who are part of the African diaspora have suffered similar problems and disadvantages. This fact contributed to the emergence of Pan-Africanism, a movement and body of ideas that sought to unite all people of African descent, link them to Africa and attempt to organise and protest against racism and colonial rule. 

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